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About Us

We love old jewellery...

We are quite simply obsessed with antique and vintage jewellery.

Our ambition is to find pieces with a history and story (if only they could talk).

We want someone to love them and give them a new chapter in their tale.

We hand pick every single piece and only pieces that we would be excited to wear are chosen for Goldhawk Jewellery.

Goldhawk Jewellery is based in the bustling city of London England and founded by Jazelyn. She has a love of antique jewellery, and a real addiction for old cut diamonds. It all started when her now-husband proposed to her with an antique diamond ring from the early 1900s. This started the obsession with all things old. The hours spent researching old jewels and antique pieces led her to all corners of the UK in search of beautiful items to add to her own collection.  After having lots of admirers of her collection (that she never left home without wearing), she decided to dive into sourcing for friends and contacts. This led to forming Goldhawk Jewellery where every piece is thoughtfully sourced for you.

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